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                           JED WINTER
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Artist Statement

Jed Winter is a 23 year old self-taught painter. He has lived in rural NSW most of his life, only recently moving to Sydney to pursue his art career full-time. Jed has been mentored by his uncle, an art teacher and fellow painter since he began to draw at age 4. His work is influenced by his travels and he has been almost everywhere in Australia due to his parents annual 3 month camping trips." I grew up going on these long road trips that my folks planned and basically sat in the back of the car drawing to pass the time, I have a couple of hundred sketch books from about age 5 or 6 up until just last year".

Winter attributes his style to having to draw and scribble things down quickly as they moved." I would usually only get glimpses of things and try to put them down as fast as I could and so parts of words or place signs would be missing or made up later". This new series of paintings of racing cars comes from one of the many events Winter's father would take him to on their trips, a car show in Victoria when he was about 14. "I am working back through the sketch books and discovering all these great pages that I want to turn into paintings, I try to remember the actual events and copy my original drawings to make each piece". Winter's paintings are very bold and energetic, successfully combining a sense of nostalgia with a fast paced contemporary style. Jed Winter, like his work is moving fast," I just want to paint all the time, I have thousands of ideas that I want to work on and every day the city provides even more"

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