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                                                       JANICE LILEY             
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Artist Statement "Persephone's Journey "

This series of paintings highlights the story of Persephone and her mother Demeter, goddess of agriculture. Young Persephone was promised to Hades - god of the underworld - as his bride by Zeus, ruler of all gods. However, unable to wait until the young girl came of age he kidnaps Persephone and returns with her to the underworld. Upon hearing of her daughter's abduction, Demeter plunges the world into darkness where nothing could grow. Only with the intervention of Zeus was a compromise struck; Persephone was to spend four months of the year with Hades while for the rest she was allowed to return to earth to be with her mother.

The story of Persephone and Demeter highlights the impermanent nature of existence. We as humans are forced to deal and come to terms with changes - some unwanted - throughout life. Such changes we choose but some just happen; life is in a constant uncontrollable flux.

Janice Liley was born near the Lake District in England and lived and workd in Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand and back in England before settling in Sydney and the NSW Southern Highlands. While living in Bangkok, she completed a City & Guild textile and stitch design diploma which was heavily influenced by her travels to neighbouring Cambodia and Loas as well as th the hill tribes in northern Thailand, with all their rich traditinos of silk weaving and tapestry.

On returning to live in England, she completed a foundation diploma in Fine Art at Cheltenham School of Art, and built on that by taking a Bachelor degree in Fine Art at the Natinal Art School in Sydney.

As for all the serious artists, her oevre has changed and developed over time, as she explored her pre-occupations, her muses, her interests, especially in the relationship of light to space.

She has exhibited in several group shows and her work appears in both private and public collections.

PH: 0413 555970 
Director:  Liz Orrock